Saturday, April 7, 2012


Parsley has germinated, at last!
I'm taking a break (procrastinating) from the next thesis-related post to share the joys of germination. Parsley, brassicas, tomatoes, radicchio, and peppers ... and two flats of basil sown by mistake ... are up in the greenhouse. I feel a heavy responsibility to every seedling, moving it from flat to six-pack, and then from six-pack to individual pot if the plant is ready and the weather is not. A sure bet with those basil seedlings! Here in Pennsylvania days have been balmy but the wind has been wicked. My babies remain safe and warm. Safe from the wind, the frosty nights, the rambunctious Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Safe from the groundhog! You will be hearing more about the groundhog ... just as soon as I stop procrastinating.
Basil anyone?
I put a layer of vermiculite over my Rainbow kale seeds. I've read that it prevents damping off diseases

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