Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carefree Delight, Indeed

“The rose is a rose, And was always a rose …” 
So wrote Robert Frost. 

But roses have many poses. One may take top billing

Magic Meidiland

Another may be part of a chorus line, made all the more stunning by the flash and glitz of a glory repeated many times over. 

I particularly like a rose that can adapt to being a part of an ensemble, a bit player in a big show, playing off of the strengths of the other members. The doggedly gifted might achieve superstardom. But the rest of us must feel our way through the tangle to reach the spot in the sunlight that allows us to spread our own distinctive brand of joy for a moment in June. 

And again, perhaps, in August. 
Carefree Delight and cutleaf maple
“… You, of course, are a rose But were always a rose.”